Laptop Repair

Broken Laptop

Did your notebook take a tumble down a flight of stairs?

Was your laptop's powerplug damaged after one too many people tripped over the cord?

If you're looking for affordable laptop repair in Wichita, Kansas look no further than Ribbit Computers.

Whether its as simple as a keyboard replacement or as complex as a failed hard drive or motherboard replacement, our highly trained staff services most laptop and notebook computers at an affordable rate.

From very common issues such as power plug repair or replacement, cracked screens, broken hinges, inability to boot to the complicated cases, including disaster data recovery, data migration from laptop to laptop or even data backup to DVD.

So if your computer just needs a simple check up or is on death's door, bring your laptop to us and see what Ribbit Computers can do for you.

Give us a call at (316) 612-1500 or come into one of our locations in Wichita, KS.