iPad Repair

So you've dropped your iPad and cracked the glass, but it doesn't seem too bad, it still works. Don't wait to fix that tiny crack! The longer you wait could mean a bigger problem for your LCD screen or an even bigger issue with internal hardware. For your safety and the safety of your tablet, Choose Ribbit Computers for your iPad screen repairs and replacements, where you'll get the very best from our certified, highly experienced Apple Technicians.

While many of our competitors can't handle repairing iPad Mini screens, due to their complexity and delicate size, we at Ribbit Computers are up to the job, from the antique first generations to the latest 4th generation and even the iPad minis in between.


  • iPad screen repair
  • iPad battery replacement
  • General iPad repair

Give us a call at (316) 612-1500 or come into one of our locations in Wichita, KS.

Please read our Limited Warranty Policy.